Known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is another competitor in the race for the most mesmerizing destinations to visit in India. With architectural finesse and beauty, the city offers all that one requires for the perfect family vacation. From sightseeing tours to authentic Udaipur delicacies, one can never get enough of its cultural heritage.

With so much to explore, Udaipur is a city of wonders and best suited for people who are willing to explore every little nook and corner of the city. Who are interested to dwell deep into the historical value and cultural importance and immerse themselves into the true magic the city has to offer. With numerous places to visit, the city is suitable for everyone, from photographers and nature lovers to shopaholics and foodies.

Hotel bookings can definitely be gruesome with the price hikes and selfish interests of the hotel owners. Hence, here are some of the ways to save up on hotel bookings in this magical place.

  1. Stick to your budget- I know these hoteliers have very fancy ways to entice you into getting their hotel which is expensive with none of the facilities you expected. Hence try and play it smart when choosing a hotel. Pre-booking hotels make them cheaper as well as lets you stick to your budget. If you are someone who only wants a hotel to sleep in and truly enjoy the destination, then going for cheap hotels is workable. If you prefer all the luxuries in the hotel then you might want to cut back on the travel expenses so that you don’t return home broke and piled up in debt as places like Udaipur are always flooded with tourists hence can be pretty expensive.
  2. Choose the location wisely- People unfamiliar with the surroundings can be easily coned in this aspect. If you don’t mind travelling a little and exploring the outskirts of Udaipur as well then you could definitely go for a hotel in the outskirts which will cost you less than double the amount what the hotels in the city centre are charging you. Away from the chaotic lanes and sleepless nights, one can only find some peace and solace in these hotels.
  3. Pre Book everything- When someone suggests you to pre-book for your convenience, listen to them cause he or she means it. With tourists flooding in all year round, one must never take a chance with bookings as nothing is ever available. Even if it is, it is gonna raid you of all your money. Hence book everything, from rental cars to air tickets and hotels.
  4. Look out for coupons and offers- With the festive season coming in, everyone tries to increase their sale with crazy offers and coupons. Avail them and you just might be able to save a fortune. From free breakfast to complimentary dessert, try to exploit every opportunity to get your penny’s worth.

In the end, enjoy whatever you have and believe me saving up is never a bad thing. You will thank me later. Safe Travels!