Pune happens to be the cultural capital and has a glorious past. The city is full of historic monuments and majestic temples are restored to have visitors of their antique charm. Amongst the most famous attractions are the 8th-century Pataleshwar rock-cut temple, a war memorial in fond memory of Maratha heroes and Nandi Mandap and many more. Pune is celebrated as the education hub and also an industrial center. The famous ashram of Rajneesh popularly known as Osho Ashram is also situated in the city. This place has a moderate temperature so you can visit at any time of the year.

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is the most known city in the state and even in the whole country and worldwide. A city that never goes off to sleep is a favorite destination for movie fans and history lovers. With some of the most popular old architectural buildings, Mumbai is a city full of cultural heritage and monuments. One will never fall short of places to visit when in this city and will always discover new things whenever you visit here. Even though it is the most crowded city in Maharashtra, it always attracts a lot of tourists the entire year.
The aerial distance from Mumbai to Pune is 118 km approx. While the road distance between the cities is 149 km. By Train, the distance might only be 89 Km.
How To Reach

There are 28 direct trains from Mumbai to Pune. These trains include Pragati Express, Deccan Queen, Indrayani Exp, Chennai Mail, Cstm Chennai Ex and many more. The minimum time a train takes to reach from one city to the other is 1h 30m. The cheapest way to reach Pune from Mumbai is to take a direct train from Mumbai to Pune. The fastest way to reach Pune from Mumbai takes you 0h 45m is to board a direct flight from Mumbai to Pune.
By Flight
There is direct connectivity of flight between Mumbai and Pune with a duration of 45 minutes approx. This is the fastest but expensive way to reach the city. You can easily find a cab or auto-rickshaws outside the airport.

By Train

There is a lot of direct train between Mumbai and Pune that you can board. You can take Pragati Express from Mumbai to Pune as it is the most comfortable and would surely be in your budget. The duration of the train journey is 1 hour 30 minutes.

By Road

There are direct buses between Mumbai and Pune. You can take State Transport Bus from Mumbai to Pune that takes almost 3 hours and 15 minutes to reach the city. You can also choose to self-drive or hire a taxi for an interesting road trip.
As both the cities are well connected to each other you can choose any mode of transport to reach according to your preferences.
Happy journey.