Lagos is the most popular city in Nigeria and the largest metropolis city in Western Africa. It is the second fastest-growing African city and the seventh fastest-growing city in the world.

Lagos is a spirited, bustling and busy place with a population for more than 10 million citizens, the city is known to be the most commercial capital of West Africa. It has an excellent and cozy nightlife, abundant street markets, and a popular National Museum. With basic and simple safety precautions, you will enjoy urban Africa at its most vibrant environment.

Nigeria’s International Airports is Murtala Mohammed International Airport and is located at the north-west of the city of Lagos. This airport is the main entry point into Nigeria for foreign visitors. One of the greatest airways in Nigeria is ArikAir, so FlyArikAir is one of the best experience when you travel to this country. Nigeria has some other major airports, including Kano in the North and Abuja, the capital in Central Nigeria.

The Island of Lagos is a place where you can get to rub shoulders with the high and mighty in the society. These are some places that draw people’s interest when in Lagos.

Tarkwa Bay

Lagos hottest spot for surfing and every water sport you can consider, Tarkwa Bay must be your go-to beach once you get the beach vibes. Tarkwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach that located close to Lagos harbour. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boats or water taxis. While cruising to the island on a boat, you will be treated to extraordinary views of popular spots in Lagos such as the Radisson Blu hotel, the Lagos Yacht Club, the Lagos harbor and straight head on into the open sea.

Nigerian National Museum

The Nigerian National Museum, Lagos, houses some memorable collections of the country’s arts sculptures, archaeological and ethnographic displays. Also you will find some historical carving monuments and statues here. The museum was founded in 1957.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a memorial and amusement park area in the middle of Lagos Island, Nigeria which was formerly Her Majesty’s Broad Street Prison. Designed by the Architect Theo Lawson, this park was built to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians. Monuments in this park reveal the Lagos colonial heritage and history of Her Majesty’s Broad Street prisons. It was constructed to commemorate the 50th-anniversary independence celebration day in October 2010. The Park serves as a National Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site, Arts and Recreation center. It’s all in one amusement park. Today, Freedom Park has become a place for diverse social events and also a recreational entertainment.

The Jaekel House

The Jaekel house is a beautifully restored classic colonial house, located within the grounds of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, Ebute-Metta. It is now a mini Museum and photo Exhibition honoring the prime of the Nigerian Railway Corporation during colonial times. The Railway Compound itself is an oasis of serenity, far removed from the bustle and hustle of the city. A visit to the Mini Museum is time well spent, it shows some history of Nigeria in transition and the colonial railways providing sights into the country’s colonial past and evidences, of the pure beauty and craftsmanship of the buildings in this era.

Visiting Lagos wouldn’t be a regret at all. A new experience will surely happening to you by the time you leave this place. You will sure have a beautiful story to tell.