Holidays are all about spending quality time with your loved ones. There is no better way to do this than to share new experiences, take in new sights and explore new destinations together. If your idea of the holiday is to lounging by the pool in hotels or if you prefer to look out adventure on holidays such as hiking through the hills in search of best views or beautiful beaches along the coastline.

Food is one thing that people are excited about when they travel around the globe. Starting from local cuisines that are famous among the people of the country or locality you are visiting different international cuisines, you would get everything when you visit the United States. Subway is one of the many famous food brands that you would find in the country and it is the favorite destination for the foodies. You can also share your feedback through tellsubway about your food experience.

According to the travel experts, the best travel destination for this year includes historic cities of Dutch and untouched bird sanctuary which is located at the cost of Bali. You have numerous travel destination to choose but here are some of them which would be awesome for your trip.

Food Destination

  • Palomino, Colombia

It is actually we can say one of the Caribbean islands. These small towns offer beautiful beaches without the scuttle of Barbados, Jamaica etc. Most of the travelers took connecting flights to reach this destination; firstly, they fly from the UK to Colombia’s capital then take a short connecting flight to Palomino. Here the visitors can enjoy staying at the beachside villas or cottages. Even we see that wildlife lovers can also look out for monkeys and toucans as well to make their trip a memorable one.

·         Leeuwarden, Netherlands

This small city was named as the European Capital of Culture in 2018. And just because of its impressive array of art, sculptures, designs, frescos, history museums and many more. Once upon a time, it used to be the home for the Dutch Royal Family. This city is full of sightseeing monuments, architectures as well as its scenic beauty. From Amsterdam, this city is an almost hour-and-half drive away. But you can also get direct flights from the UK as some of the airlines recently started flying directly to Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

  • Nusa Penida, Indonesia

This island situated off the southeast coast of Bali feels like a hidden gem. It’s a great place to connect with nature where you can spend your time in the bird sanctuary forest along with the birds. You can also enjoy beautiful landscapes and beaches. Even we have enlisted here some of the favorite food which is unexpectedly very delicious to eat. Another great joy of traveling is being able to try all the traditional food of a country because there are some countries which are specially framed for their food.

Colombian Cuisine is actually a blend of European and indigenous ingredients which includes dishes like pork, potatoes, chicken, beans, rice, and corn. Wendy’s is one such one where you can try all of the above options. And you can also participate in talktowendys survey

And in Colombia, Arepas are certainly the most commonly served food and is, therefore, the most standard of accompaniments that is eaten on its own.

Pannenkoeken is the famous Dutch pancakes and is, therefore, the most favorite food which is frequently eaten in the Netherlands. It is generally eaten with sweet or savory dishes like slices of bacon, cheese, raisins, chocolates and many more.

Just like the beauty of Indonesia, it also has its beauty in its food items. So, the chili-based sauce is therefore known as the sambal which is a staple at all Indonesian restaurant.

So, these are some of the best destinations where one could have total fun. But yeah make sure that you choose the right place for staying.